Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a bad blogger

Don't try to deny it!
You know it's true!

Okay....maybe I'm not a "bad" blogger per se....just an irresponsible blogger.


I'm done with school [.:****:.] <--that's confetti falling!!!

Now I'm just oh so patiently waiting for the transcript people to decide to stop placing my future on hold and finally make the guy wrenching decision to do their jobs and send in my transcripts..really.

I finished up July 28th, and it's now September State Boards for me yet!
Although they so GRACIOUSLY accepted my $330.00 they neglected to mention that "Oh, we know you freaked out that you might not have the money and had to have a yard sale to afford it...but, could have just relaxed a little because it's gonna take 50 years for your school to get off their a$$ and do their part."

Thanks MSU!

Picture time (since this is still supposed to be a photo blog right?)

We went on vacation :) Here's a photo of us in front of the Titanic museum!

Just for the record this is the 5th took 4 before I could get him to smile.

Boys are weird.