Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Bad Picture Face.


Okay!!! So now that THAT'S over with......

Lets move on to the topic of the day:
bad pictures.

We all have those photos (who now thanks to the beautiful invention of the digital camera we can delete) where we are making the "when the heck did I have one eye shut my tongue hanging out and my head tilted like that" face.

The "bad picture face."

BUT! What if it's not taken on YOUR camera??? Then, oh no! Someone else is in charge of deleting your unflattering pose!! What do you do?!?!?! You beg them....but they say "but it's such a good picture!!"


You look more IS an awesome picture.................of them.

Everyone has that friend, the friend who will post the awful picture of you, claiming you look fabulous when it's obvious you do NOT, all because it's an awesome photo of THEM.  They're either not courteous enough to do the crop or not technologically educated enough to know how...
So there it is....the bad picture face; posted for all 239,485,759,834,879,587 of his/her friends to stare at.

Then they tag you. [Tag/Untag war starting.....NOW]

An example of the "bad picture face:"

This photo was taken at my 25th birthday dinner, although it was intentional and was NOT induced through alcohol, (it was taken to prove the point of the conversation, a conversation about "the bad picture face.") It's STILL a terrible photo. haha! 

[but it's such a goooood picture!!!]

noooo. it's not.

Happy Valentines Day, I'm gonna go clean my HOUSE!!!  How romantical!! :)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010



School sucks!!! I've been working on that instead of blogging mindless things about celebrities and this ghost town that I reside in fondly known, by some, as "Richvegas."

Trust me...I would much rather be on here or trying to obtain a new PINTO horse on farmville [dork] than doing 90% of the things that I've been doing for the past few weeks! AAAH [stressed!!!!!]

So anyway!!!!!!!!

What have I been up to.....hmmmm. Thanks to SNOW...not much.

View from my car this morning....on the back end of hour three.

It took me.....almost 4 hours to go 70 miles this morning.....this is WHY I SHOULD WORK CLOSER TO HOME!!!! But if I worked closer to home I wouldn't have my work friends and that would be laaaaaame. haha!

But I've done fun stuff!

I moved a mattress :)'s turned the wrong way....yes....that's my foot :]
and YeS....I know this isn't really considered a "fun thing." [saaaarcasm?]

We switched out our bed and it's loooooooooovely!!!! [my back is smiling right now] Even though I would officially rather move 10 couches or loveseats as opposed to one mattress and boxspring....they're so freaking awkward.


Let us not forget the oh-so-loved school work!

The Diabetic Technologies presentation...not the final version but it's still SO PRETTY! [bragging] My Good friend Chea and I did an "AWSUM" job. [<----misspelled to make fun of DC] Although I think I have an ulcer now and I was thisclose [real close!!] to making a facebook group entitled "The Devil Invented the Presentation Board to make you Sin." It turned out rather well I believe....even though it was POINTLESS because the class was cancelled and the "foo-foo business important people" we were trying to impress didn't even get to see it; oh's all in the pride of doing a good job, right.

So that's pretty much it....
I know, that doesn't really add up to 3 weeks worth of stuff. I don't care okay?!?!?!?? I was BUSY!!!
But there was nothing ON, so it was really like a punishment anyway, so there!

[Even Leia agrees that there's nothing worth watching.]