Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Busy Little Bee

That's meeeee.

And for some reason I always feel the need to give myself more to do...I know I'm all crafty and whatnot; sometimes, however, my craftiness gets ahead of my common sense and I take on something I'm not able to handle.

I was going to make my shower invites.

Because they matched my nursery theme....and I was so thrilled. Until I started my guest list. I had thirty names...then my mother-in-law had about 20...and I'm pretty sure my mom will have about 20 to add onto that. Soooooo I'm a little too busy to hand make 70 invitations. Even with my fancy schmancy cricut.
I feel like a big "Lahoooo-sa-heer" for even wasting the paper on the 15 that I managed to take together before I had a panic attack on how it took me a day and a half to manage that and the invites need to be ready in two weeks and blahblahblahblah.

Okay! So THAT project has been cancelled!

But weren't they cuuuuuute?

Crappy cell phone pic. [craft fail]

SO! I decided to go with the invitation that I had originally picked out. Not elephant related....however, that's okay. Because the shower theme will still be the same as the nursery :)

[Had to black some things out,
don't think Mum wants her phone number out there
for the world to see haha!]

We're also putting an insert with each invitation asking the guests to bring a childrens book (one that costs no more than an average greeting card) instead of a card, that way Baby E will have a wicked library! And so everytime I read to him I can talk to him about the person that bought him the book. :)
Here's the insert

Oh well! Now that you know I'm a craft quiter we can all move on now can't we?

♥ A

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, I haven't updated because I'm a bad blogger. This has been established already, no?

I guess I owe anyone who actually reads this a wee bit of an apology...I've been busy, and sick, and busy while sick, and sick of being busy, as well as being sick of being sick!

They started me on Reglan at my last appointment. Now's the time for everybody to freak out, right?
Wrong. Those commercials you see are warning against people who have used Reglan for an extended period of time (years) and it causes tardive dyskinesia. Google it.

There are absolutely no adverse effects on baby :) I made sure I asked when she prescribed it, then I did some research of my own!

But anywhooooo. The Reglan was amazing, for a few weeks. I finally was able to eat without feeling like a stuffed cow for 8 hours afterwards, and FINALLY had an appetite! AANNNNDDDD (drum roll) I didn't throw up for a whole week! Which was something non of my other anti-emetics had managed to boast.

But in hyperemesis world all good things must come to an end and this applies more so than anything with medications. It stopped working.

Don't get me wrong. I'm doing better than I -would- be without any medication. But it wasn't the amazing magical cure I was hoping for.  WOOOOE is me. So I'm sickly this week. This week will go down on the books as a "bad" week. Not the worst by far...just....bad. I guess what made it so bad is I got my hopes up that I was finally going to be able to function like a normal human who doesn't carry a puke bag in the car "just in case" and doesn't always travel in the right lane so that pulling over quickly is always an option....

and who isn't required to carry a toothbrush, toothpaste and listerine in her purse....

At least I'm a hygenic super puker! Right?


Lets talk about something fun!! [and not disgusting]

We finally have bedding picked out! I ordered it from Amazing awesome site.

It's Carters Green Elephant :)

And we also have a name picked out, FINALLY. But guess what? It's a secret! OHHHHH!  I'm so dirty.

The baby's name won't be told until delivery day :) "Sowwy!" It's just something that Dustin and I have "just for us"

Who knows, maybe we'll cave. My husband does have quite the gossip-mouth.

♥ ~A