Thursday, March 25, 2010

So I think I should mention...

that I'm super excited about my upgrades to my bloggity-blog (!)

  • I inserted my facebook badge, although I'm pretty sure anyone who reads already has me on facebook-as that's how I rangle in most of my peeps.
  • I find it humorous that I spout out things like "freelance photography" in my about me but then my pictures are terrible....let mamma "esplain somtin to jou." Most of these random pics are taken with my Droid, as I have a horrible memory and can't remember to tote my camera along, and although the Droid is aaawwwwweeeessssooooome I don't really feel that it qualifies as major camera equipment. So, I felt the need to at least prove that I can take a good picture. That's why you'll see the PICASA gadget at the top of the screen with some of the pics I've taken that I feel most proud of. Don't be afraid to click on it, it's not secretly a crazy ad for penis-enlargement pills.
          {OR IS IT????????}
 's not.
  • I also changed my profile pic, yawn. But I felt like 2 things didn't really make a good list so I had to mention SOMETHING else that I had changed, even if it was insignificant.

So there you go, I did something with my life, aren't you proud of me????


P.S. I can't believe I almost forget the obligatory photo-with-every-post rule.

Here's one of my favorite "real photography photos." You'll find it on the PICASA gadget as well.

♥ (again),

Check my temperature....

Cause I think I might have tha' fevaaaaa.

Hay Fever???

Spring Fever??

The bloggin' feva.

3 posts in three days. WHOOOAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Anyway, now that I'm finished patting myself on the back, lets move on shall we?

It's [almost] spring time, and the warmer days are sprinkled in among the bitter cold and wind that is March, I've noticed a trend among Richlandian [real word, google it] teenagers and it is this:  
hanging out on bridges near the railroad tracks.
Is this new or have I just been sheltered??? It seems like the warmer it gets the more I see this. They're so "angsty" too! They always stare at you as you drive by like they want you to ask them "why" they choose to sit on the side of a bridge by a sewer treatment plant. As if you should know? Or maybe they just want a hug?

Riddle me this Batman,
What's better than getting stopped by a train and being stared at by angst-ridden teenagers??????

Trying to get a photo of them without being noticed!!!!!
Which-I succeeded quite well in doing so, thankyouverymuch.

Now, I'll go ahead and admit it, I MAY have doctored that photo a little. They don't really have large yellow heads making a lopsided-emo smile.

I did that to protect the "emocent."

I love puns!!!!!!!


P.S-I'm a liar and "Richlandians" isn't a real word.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making up for lost time

So I had a few more things to discuss that I didn't feel like I could add in with the "most awesome cake in the world post."

Nothin' crazy! It's just that the fondant to beat all fondant cakes deserves it's own post, that's all!!

Instead of rambling about the fondant-to-beat-all-fondant....I SHOULD be studying for the test-to-beat-all-tests.  But I'm not.


My brother came in to visit a few weeks ago and although I wish I could have seen him more it was still fun as usual!
I found photos from the last time he visited, back in January when we celebrated his Christmas since he was unable to join us for ours!

It's possible that my family may disown me later :)

So first, It was family poker night :) I ♥ getting screwed out of money by my one and only family.
This is where I noticed my brother and I are weird. Well, Not really-Ive known that for years.

Worst poker faces EVER.

I also realized that we get our sense of humor from our mom, who is also a little weird! But in an awesome way!

Love her!

One fun night of cards! We mostly just played "Follow the Queen," and "Seven card-no-peek." These are probably only considered "poker" in SWVA, but you know what??? They're fun. Follow the queen is basically texas hold 'em without the wild cards....but you get your own personal river. :/ it's nothing like Texas hold 'em.

At some point in February I had a date night with hubbo! Saturday date night is a tradition, although it only lasted about 2 months and we haven't had a saturday date night in about 3 weeks!!! This photo came about after I fussed at my husband for never "really" smiling in photos.

Isn't he just precious? That oughta teach him a lesson!

More later, this time I really do promise!!!


Procrastinations finest :/

So what if it's been a month?
So what if I swore it would be a weekly update?!!?
I laugh at you for underestimating my procrastatory powers!!
Is that a real word?

What's been going on????
That's why I haven't blogged [ But that's an awful excuse, you say?]
Well....I didn't think you'd want to see pictures of the four places I've been spending all my time: random roads since I've basically been living in my car, my bed- which looks the same every morning and night [unmade], work [I'm pretty sure privacy laws prohibit that,] and although my new instructor is a nice man, he probably wouldn't appreciate me snapping random photos during class. So that's that.

I made a CAKE! Finally something to POST!

And it was awesome.

Dustin's birthday was the 17th (YEP!!!! He was a ST. PADDYs BABY!) I had to work nightshift the night of the 16th and had class the evening of the 17th so we celebrated on the 18th. I's all my fault right?
so as my penance for not allowing my wonderful husband to celebrate on his ACTUAL birthday....
I made this!

OH-EM-to the Effing GEE!!!!!
BTW, it's a "PRESENT" See the ribbon?-do NOT mock my fondant skills.

Upon super close examination you will notice the shamrocks etched pains-takingly into the "ribbon." My sister-in-law telling me that it looks like fruit by the foot makes me wish that I had thought of that! It would have saved me so much time hahahahahaha. :) 

[Consider opening a new store called "Hodge Podge Bakery" The slogan will be "We make cakes out of whatever's lyin' around."]

Okay, So I know it's not beautiful....but it ain't the worst cake I've ever seen. [SWVA accent.] Any aesthetic deficiencies the cake may have possessed were forgiven due to the awesome-ness that it possessed inside. Which was all Betty Crocker....not me.

I would like to think that I will get better with practice, but considering that I only bake a cake maybe once a year and try to use fondant about once every 4....I'm thinking this is about as good as it gets.

Fondant cake=delicious pseudo fail.