Friday, January 29, 2010


I cannot stand this woman!!!!!!!

Why don't you stop worrying about your hair and your image and start taking care of your litter of children!

I am so sick of this chick, and I'm heartbroken....because I thought she went AWAY and then BOOM...there she is.  ewwwwwwwwwww. 

Now, I know that some [more than there should be] absolutely love her.  But here's the truth.  She treated her husband like a moron and screamed at him constantly in front of millions of people on TV...then he leaves her and we all say "OH NOOOOOOoz, Miss Kates all alones and sads and stuff!!!"
NOooooOOOoooo....Miss Kate is the not let her make you think any differently. I'm pretty sure there's something in the bible about an evil woman with porcupine hair who pulls on your sympathy when she doesn't really deserve it and can cry on cue. [really??? There isn't???? WELL...there should be.]

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Rooster Obsession.....

I don't understand the obsession with decorating your house with roosters.....
[^secretly loves roosters]

But for serious, really!!!!!  Hubby and I decided we wanted Chinese for din-din; as I am too obese and lazy to cook after getting up at 5am that morning. We enter Happy Family to find a LINE!!!!! [WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!] Since when in the history of Richlands has there ever been a LINE[!] to eat at a Chinese place!?!?! WOW! If that doesn't tell you the extreme deliciousity [fake word alert!!!] of this place then nothing does. Anyway, the adorable hostess tells us it will be "few more minute!!!" [loooove it!] So we decide to kill time at a local department store, I won't name the name.

ROOSTERS..........EVERYWHERE.....or in the words of Carl Malone...."evurwur"

Rooster clocks, rooster napkins, rooster placemats, sweatshirts, coffee cups, curtains, tableclothes, salt and pepper shakers, teapots, and even ceramic roosters [so majestic.]

I felt surrounded by roosters...
That's when one of them made their move!!! Death by Rooster!

[Cue Psycho Music "EEA EEA EEA EEA EA"]

Good thing those sunflowers were weighing him down or even my strength of one thousand chubby women couldn't have held him off and I would have been a GONER!

But alas, I have survived Rooster Attack 2010....and live to awesomificate [my word, you can't have it] another day.

lerts of lerv

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cheeseburger in Paradise.....

"A cheeseburger is a hamburger with cheese on top of the patty. The term itself is a portmanteau of the words "cheese" and "hamburger." The cheese is usually ..."

Yep.....that's the Wikipedia definition of "cheeseburger..."  I don't know what's more awesome....the fact that there's a definition on Wikipedia, that someone thought to PUT it on Wikipedia, or that such a simple definition has a word like "portmanteau" in it. You really think if the poor soul doesn't know what a CHEESEBURGER is that they'll know what the hell "portmanteau" means??? [I don't know what it means but I think it may be how a douchebag says "combination."] And while I don't want to meet the moron who asks "what's a cheeseburger?" I DEFINITELY don't want to meet the jackass who says "I dunno!! Lets check Wikipedia!!!!!!!"  

I bring this up because, I Googled "cheeseburger.." because I WANT ONE [watching what you eat SUCKS]...and was going to put a picture on here....and was met with the Wikipedia definition of "cheeseburger." Thank GOD for Wikipedia!!!! Now I can get an asinine detailed definition of the food I shouldn't be eating if I expect to be less large than a blimp come this summer! Yes!

So here's my darn cheeseburger. 

P.S. I'm well aware that my "photo-a-day" thing is becoming a little inaccurate....haha! I'm bored and thanks to some computer issues I'm unable to snap my pics and post them the way I want. I don't think my two or five readers are really too upset about it anyway!

And I'm on an LOLcats kick right now.

~amanda :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Books I Want to Write....

#1- "Freaking Out Doesn't Make it Better [it just makes you look stupid"]

#2- "All my Friends are Having Babies; I'm Just Getting Drunk [Going to School.]"
       Mainly inspired by the facebook group that I admin.
       [1,949 members thankyouverymuch]

#3-"10001 reasons why Justin Timberlake Will Always Be Hot....even after Edward Cullen is dead and gone." [self-explanatory....but I'll include photographic proof anyway....JT is hot....and NO, I'm not in 6th grade]

#4- "Stop interrupting me....Or I will cut you."    [future children's book?]

A memoir for all the rude people who irritate me. Simply stated: stop interrupting me every time I try to speak.....Or lady....I'm gonna cut you. [misdemeanor]

#5- "If Life Were a Horror Movie, Key Points to Raise Your Odds of Survival." [One of my most favorite blogs I've ever written]

#6- "Fat People are Harder to Kidnap; The Pros of Obesity."

okay I'm tired now :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who ordered the cok?????

Who ordered the cok????

I'm posting this not to make fun of mexicans,

I'm posting it because I want mexican food.

[Although it likes to torture me afterwards]

AHHH! I love people who can't speak english.....[sometimes]

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hard Bod

This guy makes himself look like an unbelievable douche....
considering that once he rolled down the window....I could see his the upper part of his "bod" and it looked quite mushy.

for those who can't see the tag says "HARD-BOD"
[enlarged to enhance douche-baginess]



Friday, January 15, 2010

Party Foul-What a downer....

August 26 2006

I like to think of my wedding as an awesome party where everyone celebrated my new awesome life. However, it also pains me to think about how "simple" everything was then as well....
[downer alert!]

I was spoiled. I worked...and I went to school. And I didn't have to worry about anything. I'm sure it didn't feel that way at the time; but then again it never does, does it?  School was school, work was something I did to afford the things I wanted, not really a necessary evil, and all the people I loved were exactly where they belonged...right here with me.

Too much changes in time. Within two months of my wedding I lost lost two people whom I loved dearly, within seven months the tally was up to four. The spoiled little princess who had everything she wanted and all those she loved within arms reach finally got to feel true loss. It changes people. Not just me, most definitely. There are those who were changed far more than myself, their loss hit even closer to home. When a family goes through such loss and tragedy they either band together or drift apart. We banded together....but eventually the ties were frayed, distance forced it's way in and everyone went their seperate ways to deal as best as they knew how.

No one person deals with grief in the same way...

[I told you it was a downer.]

being an adult=sucks big time.

I want my old life back, when everybody was happy, having a baby was a teeny hill to climb-not a mountain to traverse, Christmas wasn't depressing, there wasn't a hole in our family and the only problem I had was making my Jeep payment.

Dear Father Time, please consider my request. Sincerely, ME.

HOWEVER! I refuse to end this on an irritating/sad note. The last few years have also given me many gifts! I have a promising career, I've grown so much mentally and as a person.  I've learned to take up for myself in my professional AND personal life and have a cute little family going here (yes, I count my puppies as family.) I've also grown in faith and understand that GOD has a plan....and just like a puzzle I may not see where the jagged pieces fit in until it's almost finished. I've learned to love my family and friends while they're here today and always say I Love You!!! I refuse to let my losses overshadow or out-weigh my gains in this life.

What a sad little bloggaroo....maybe I'm just depressed because I have to get up at 5:00am to go to clinicals...and I'm burned out, tired, and don't want to go?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pet peeve!

[faces have been blocked to protect the irritating.]
[p.s. sorry if you know these people.]

I bet I don't even have to explain anything for my mother to be annoyed just looking at it!

So, it irritates me when people ENTER the EXIT door or EXIT the ENTRANCE door....they always act like YOU'RE in the way. But I never really let it get to me. Unless they do like these fine ladies and do so and then decide to have a conversation...while BLOCKING the entrance door as well.
What do you suppose they're talking about?
Well...I'll tell you.

Lady #1-"Well Sally, we sure are rebels aren't we?!"
Lady#2-"Oh, yes! I feel so alive! Look at that girl there, she's giving us the stink eye!"
Lady#1- "Oh yes we've gotten her good haven't we?!"
Lady#2- "Why YES! Let's stand here for awhile and annoy everyone!"
Lady#1- "Jolly good idea, Sal! To hell with common courtesy!!!"

[British accent....]

Okay I'm finished. :) So ridiculous but it's all in good fun!


Or don't, it is COMPLETELY up to you.  I do, however want to talk about something that tends to get my husband and family a little up in arms...

I want a dang tattoo!
[hillbilly speak.]

One should always consider the risks and benefits of inking their body permanently; always think for a considerable amount of time before marking themselves, etc.
I think 10 years is a good amount of thinking time, right?

[cue my husband grimacing.]

As I said before RELAX (Yes, this is MY wrist....but this one's fake.)

I've wanted a tattoo on my wrist since ninth grade. Although the one I had always envisioned was not QUITE as intense as this one!!

it was more along these lines (only on my wrist):

SEE! SIMPLE!  (and as I said ten years is a considerable amount of time to dwell on the possibility) The only thing that has prevented me thus far is my choice of occupation. Not many elderly patients want the lassie with the marked up wrist starting their IV.  Or touching them for that matter.
[Old people can be  judgemental.]

So, yes...I have considered all the angles..
#1-I'm a nurse (as mentioned before such a visible tattoo may cause issues)
#2-I have considered the idea that when I'm old and wrinkly that this will look like poo.
#3-I've also considered that since soooo many people already have tattoos that I won't exactly be "unique."
#4-It's a "waste of money."
#5-I'm a "laaady" and "laaaadies" don't "mark themselves up"
#6-Star tattoos are too "trendy" well....they weren't ten years ago and that's when I wanted it. [so there.]
#7-My Husband would pee twice and die.
#8-I'm a weenie.

[yep...I'm a weenie]

So, that's that!

Due to an unscheduled illness yesterday :|.....I didn't post my WEDNESDAY pic.
[oh no!]
So consider that Wednesday.....Thursday's coming in a second! My compoootur is being oober lame.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I love weird shirts...

Again, I love weird shirts.....

I'm always intrigued by people who express their innermost emotions and deepest rooted opinions by wearing them on their chest.  No, I'm not talking about "You can't Afford This," "spoiled," etc, etc...Because I can't stand those....really, I can't.

I'm talking about things like this:


My photo today is a shirt from WalMart (of all places) that I bought for my brother about a year ago. I'm just glad I had the foresight to snap a picture of it.  I know, I's awesome.  Perhaps, the person who designed it didn't mean for it to be taken so humorously, but how can you help it when satan is a stick man with horns!?!?? I think MY favorite part is Jesus' beard.  It's by-far the best stick man beard I've ever seen.  I wonder if the artist intended for him to look like a skinny Santa in a T-shirt at any given point (sans hat,) or if this just a lucky mistake?  But hey, the message is pure; I'm not poking fun at that, just the method on conveyance!!!  Ah, I needed that to get me through the evening at work, haha! Byeeeeeeeeeeee.


Monday, January 11, 2010

When are we moving to America? It sounds like it's really nice.....

Some people have heard me openly admit that......most haven't! Because it's, well, it's pretty stupid.

When I was in kindergarten we sang a song called "America the Beautiful," and I loved it!  I loved it SO much that it apparently inspired me! I went home that afternoon and as soon as possible promptly asked my mother this: "When are WE going to move to America?"

YES, I did.
NO, I'm not stupid-I'm just unobservant, PAINFULLY unobservant.

I also take this as evidence that my trait of being painfully unobservant started young in life and has only grown worse since then; and also that my mother has always been incredibly patient with me.

Today's photo is captioned "America....f*** yea!"

Kidding. This is the American Flag at my mothers house.  I myself found it rather fitting for the story of how ignorant I was as a child. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! I'm off to work for another night of healing. (How corny was THAT)

                                                            --- Amanda

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Okay so maybe I'm cheating...

But I'm working Sunday night.....and since it's after midnight it's technically Sunday, right?

My photo for the day is this:


I will finally have a BSN! THANK you Jesus, you are more than blessing me right now! You have shown me that the end is in sight!
Now....I won't say that I'm even close to being finished as I don't actually graduate until August. BUT, I'm sooooo excited because now when people ask me "When will you be finished with school" my answer is now "In August" and I no longer have to add the "of 2010" to the end of that sentence. I'm doing well and everyone says that the last two semesters fly. BUT------you remember after you came back from Christmas break your senior year of High School and you didn't want to do ANYTHING????? Yup.....that's what's going on right now. I'm trying to pull out those last remaining shreds of energy that I have in order to absorb as much as possible; plus, there's still State Boards after all of this. YUCK....another story entirely.

This 'blogger' is a 'two-fer'
My additional photo for this day is to:

WISH BIG BROTHER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! He's old now...haha. :) He's also leaving today to go back to Norfolk, and I'll miss him terribly as I'm sure the rest of my family will as well.

Not much of a tell-all....but I'm also sleepy. Goodnight to all and hopefully, when the snow goes away my life will get a little more interesting!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I love to scrapbook!!!

But nobody ever gets to see them :(

So i'm doing it on here. (well, KIND of!)

I'm not going to take all of the credit.....
I SAW an idea on facebook (imagine that) of keeping a photo-journal of sorts.
I take a photo every day and then tell the story behind it.

Love the idea? Do it too! It will be sooo much fun if a large group got into it!
I'm lovin' it myself although I'm wondering how long it will take before I crap out hahahaha! I guess we'll see! So....lets get started shall we!


This is CHARLIE!!!!! and my wonderful husband


Charlie kind of worked his way into the family, Dustin was helping his mother and was in the basement with the outside door wide open....this little fella just came wondering right in! It was about 28 degrees outside and it was freezing rain out. So Dustin, whose heart is too-too big when it comes to animals, brought this little fella home!! We had the best of intentions on finding him a new home and giving him to a family that would love him! So.....that was 2 months ago hahaha! Although, we have made a bit of a breakthrough on finding him a new home (we have one person who's 'supposedly' stopping by any day to 'take a look') he's still living with us for the moment. So! If you know of anyone looking for a lovable clumsy little oaf of a pup....Charlie's your What-have-you.

That was fun!