Friday, March 25, 2011

My kid's gonna have a fluffy butt!

So lets start this blog entry off by saying "I'm over the hump!!!! WOOOO! And it's all down hill from here!" Yep, I know...the third trimester feels like forEVER and I'm going to be uncomfortable and miserable and unable to sleep and the baby's going to break my ribs and it's going to feel like he's trying to escape.

Check, check....BIG OL' CHECK!

But I feel great! And here's the part where somebody pokes their head around the corner and says  "Oooooh just wait until -[insert bad thing here]- starts -[doing something terrible]- and then you'll be -[insert crappy emotion that I don't care about]-" and that's the part where I tell you to stick it up your butt. Oh that's RIGHT I said stick it up yo' BUTT!

Oh I'm mean. But seriously, how about you be happy about the fact that I'm not considering jumping off of a cliff because my nursery wasn't completely finished by my 28th week? Or maybe be happy for me when I say "Hey...if it weren't for the terrible nausea and vomiting and the fact that I share the mid part of my body with a tiny ninja...I'd never know I was pregnant!" Nope....gotta be lame and try to make me freak out.


I'm going to tell you a secret :)

Something I've been set on since about the 10th week of my pregnancy but I don't really talk about it, because people seem to have an opinion on it alll...the...time.

I'm using cloth diapers.

I'll give you a second to let that sink in. And then give it a few more minutes for someone to repeat the second paragraph of this post....and for me to give the same answer ;)

[giving you time to go back and read :)]

I'm a hippie at heart...and guess what, I'm also a cheap-o. I'm concerned about my "carbon footprint" as well as the fact that the average parent spends around $2000 using disposable diapers on their bebe. and I can spend about $300 ($500 if I want to splurge,) and just have to do an extra load of laundry once a week. OH! and I can also diaper two kids for that. BOOYAH!

Does this make me better than somebody that uses disposable?...nope. Does it make me a know-it-all or a goody goody....nope.

It's just what I wanna do! And I view it as sort of an adventure! If you're curious....these are NOT the same cloth diapers that they used "back in the day" It's actually just as simple as a disposable. There's just two extra steps in the process...promise! Plus there's less incidence of diaper rash and blahblahblah. Just google it if you don't believe me. :)

I will be using "All-in-ones" and "Pockets" No pins, no folding, just a cute little fuzzy fluffy butt!

and you've GOT TO ADMIT IT!!!! They're freaking cute. 

At this point I've only got 10, I'd like to be at around 25-30 before Baby E makes his arrival. Most cloth diapers don't fit babies under 8 pounds, although some I've found will fit a 6 pounder. But unless I cave and buy the newborn sized cloth (which fit 6-12 pounds) we will be using disposables until he grows into his cloth diapers :) I'm excited! Be excited too dangit! Im particularly fond of the diaper in the front of the I think it's hilarious that my son will look like he's wearing a diaper made of newspaper!

Curious as to how they work?? Notice the snaps on the front of the diaper, that's what makes these "one-sizes" or "OS" in cloth diaper speak. The snaps allow me to custom fit each diaper to my baby and they grow as he grows!
These are "pocket diapers" meaning that there's a pocket inside where the microfiber insert is placed, which is what makes the diaper absobent. They have a TPU lining...which makes the "shell" don't worry...if you hold my bebe and he pees...he's not going to soak your arm. This eliminates the need for the "rubber covers" that they used back in the day.

And another perk..I'm that the "blow-out" is a myth when using cloth. Any mommy reading this right now, knows exactly what I'm talking about, and I guess we'll put that to the test soon enough!
Here's a few pics for those who might still be confused, or just curious!

Up close of the snaps. All undone, this is the "biggest size" on the diaper.
All snaps closed, this is the smallest size :) CUUUTE

Inside, completely assembled.

Removing the microfiber liner from the "pocket"

Shot of the microfiber liner. One good thing about pocket diapers is they can be "stuffed"
to be adjusted to different levels of absorbency, good for "heavy wetters" etc.

There! Consider yourself educated on cloth diapering, I'm learning as I go...and I plan to share it on here...the joys [and woes] of CD. :) And in case you were wondering, the husband is 100% on board!
♥  Amanda