Monday, May 16, 2011

37 Weeks, Lets wrap this up shall we?

So! I realize I haven't updated since I was put on bedrest. I was making the assumption that nobody wants to read a daily update that goes somewhere along the lines of "Today I drank 4 liters of water and propped my feet up on the coffee table, took a blood pressure pill, then later...a nap, the end!"

I did graduate to a "modified bedrest" as in "Take it easy" meaning I'm allowed to leave the house if I have to. Once again, nobody wants to read "I went to the grocery store, it was sweeeeeeeet!" hahaa. And the only real "new" thing is that I've seriously considered becoming an extreme couponer.

So what HAVE I done? I had my baby shower! And it was awwweeeessooooooome! And even though I've been at home, I'm still working on thank you cards, I suppose I should get those done some time. But thanks to the intense swelling in my hands, I have the handwriting of a 1st grader. Which is adorable, right???!??

[Nope....actually it's only cute if 1st graders do it!]

Every week I go for an ultrasound and a check up, usually I wouldn't start weekly appointments until 36 weeks, but with the BP issues I've been gettin to see my little tubbers every week since 32 weeks! And he's a fatty, he measured a whopping 8.5 pounds on the 13th.

[Just haaaaangin' out!]

People have literally told me I'm going to die giving birth, which is....sweet of them???? No, they weren't being sarcastic....please shut up! We won't go into other rude things because I'm sure they're no different than anything that any other pregnant woman hears, and I'm not interested!

Good news???? My doctor says I will NOT go past 39 weeks due to the increased risk of pre-eclampsia. So this will probably be my last blog entry before he shows up! WOOOOO! :D

So we're "ready" for him, except I still haven't packed my hospital bag or washed clothes, although they're nice and organized into sizes and ready to be washed! I'm afraid if he knows he has clothes to wear he'll take that as an acceptable reason to make an appearance, oh  yea THAT'S RIGHT, I don't want to go into labor yet! First pregnant woman in history that's just fiiiiiiiine where I'm at thanks hahaha. Except when he's ripping my stomach open from the inside...then I get a little anxious to have him out! And looking at my puffed up Shrek face in the mirror is somewhat motivational to end this pregnancy...but EH! Oh well. Although apparently I'm so excited about the prospect of not being swollen anymore that I had a dream last night about being able to wear my wedding band again! WOOOO PARTY OVER HERE! I'm really living on the edge, right?

And I know that I need to do those things so that we're really ready, BUT, HIIIIII have we met??? I'm a procrastinator....This wouldn't be the child of Dustin and Amanda Edwards is SOMETHING wasn't left until the last minute. That would be weird, hellooooooo!

Sooooo I know this one wasn't very funny, but I don't have anything funny to write, sowwwy!

So I'm signing off for probably the last time as Amanda, next time I write I'll be "mommy"


♥ A

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