Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby E graduates to Noah James

and Im sleeeepy! Well not THAT sleepy actually.

Be patient, and do not judge me for my type-o-ness because I blog at you I am currently holding the King of Cuteness on my chest.

But I figured I should post my "He's here" update before he gains the ability to roll his eyes, be embarrassed by my messy hair, or drive off to hang out with his new girlfriend.

I know, I suck. But as mentioned before bebe boy has an uncanny ability to monopolize at least one arm 24 hours of the day, and Ive been too lazy to type an entire update with one hand....until NOW!

He was born May 28th 2011 at 8:33am, I'll spare you the gory details. He weighed 8lbs 12.3 ozs and he was 19 whole inches long. Short and wide...he was like a little linebacker!

It took him FOREEEEEVVVVVER to freaking cry...they had to give him a little "help" and I seriously thought I was going to die waiting to hear it....then I did, and I completely melted. Oh, and tears??? There were major tears just rolling down my face. That's right...I cried like a baby and Im damn proud of it! :)

Mad at the world

"What's this?? Nobody is squirming in pain when I kick?"

So about 3 hours after he made his appearance my blood pressure resumed it's steady climb to 'OMG yur gunna have a stroke" ness, baffling everybody and royally pissing me off.  It's refusal to go below 170/98 earned me a bonus day in the hospital....topping me off at 3 days of cabin fever.

Finally we get to go home, only to have to return two days later when it shoots back to 180/ that's not a type-o.

So yea, Ive been busy...but now Im healthy and baby boy is groooooowing! Ive been taken off of my blood pressure meds and no longer feel like I have the med list of an 80 year old woman. ANYWAY! Picture time!

Practicing his "stink eye"
First time in the swing
His favorite past time
"Whatchu doin lady?"
"Aww, I iz keeding you want to cuddle now?"
Hating his first real bath
"OH hello there! Im just busy being too freaking cute"

"Ahhhh! The cuteness...I cant hold it back"

Okay, consider yourself updated. He's 7 weeks old now as of yesterday...I teared up a little typing that. Why is it that becoming a mom makes you a sobbing hot mess?

~♥ A

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