Thursday, August 11, 2011

Liiiiiiiiiiight Buuuuuuuuuuulb

I had an idea.

Damn, I love that movie! Three sleepy kittens ftw.

Anyway, staying on track for a moment or two. I've officially turned photography into a little more than a hobby. I finally launched the facebook page for ae photography that I created two whole years ago and I'm hosting a contest for my first official "shoot." Check it out here.

I tell you that to tell you this, I had become lazy in my photography, stagnant even. I had, what some might call, "photographers block." I used to be insanely creative but for months on end I had nothing. Ick. Then I had a BABAY! And I think that helped, because once again I see great opportunities for art all around me.

So I decided I would challenge myself. I want to master new shots, to think of something new that I personally had not done....and I thought of shadows and I thought of nature. Click the link for examples of shadow photography.

Shadow Shots

So, one thing I had never tried and another I had dabbled in but never really focused on. I'm still pondering on the perfect shadow shots..I have the one that inspired this whole "shadow train" but I'm saving it for later...I'm thinking montage babe.

So here are my "nature shots"

I had never really "tried" to take a nature pic. But it was actually pretty fun, I may have to do it more often!!!

And just so we're not losing track of my favorite's one for the road ;)

Weekly snuggle session with Nana.

Consider yourself adorabled.

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