Friday, July 22, 2011

And what have you learned?? Babies smell. (In a cute way of course)

With almost 8 sweet sweet weeks gone by what's new? He's starting to smile. I don't mean those accidental, -maybe it's gas, happened to snap a picture and it looks like he's smiling-smiles; Im talking about a -real deal do something funny and he grins like a goofball- kind of smile! And, even though he's done it a billion times by now, Dustin and I still get all giggly when he does it. Yep....we're THOSE kind of parents.

So what have I learned from being a mom? The snotty teenager inside me wants to roll her eyes and say "Ummmm nothing...because I already knew eeeeverything, what-evs." Well I didn't of course so that would be  lame so here's my list:

-You don't bounce a baby within 30 minutes post meal.
-Blogging one handed is all the rage.
-Your next long relaxing shower will be at least 13 years from now.
-You now have the ability to carry on an entire one sided conversation with the only response being "ooooooh" from a very interested 7 week old.
-Babies stink. Seriously! Nobody ever told me that babies had the potential to be so smelly!
-Farts* are super funny again.**

Admit it, it's funny when babies are, shall we say, "flatulently talented." Not even the most sophisticated of souls doesn't find it hilarious when an 8 lb baby cracks one off that sounds like it came from the trunk of an elephant. My kid's got game.

Okay, I may have learned other stuff....but, let's be honest, if this was an entry about the value of burping would you actually read it? Nope.

Oh! The most important thing I've learned????

There is nothing more squishably cute than a baby in a tarzan diaper.

"Oh hai, I iz King of the Crib"

*-only baby farts
**-Okay all farts....let's be adults here.

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